Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 Budget-Priced Upgrades!

Posted by travisp11
In this video I mention a few of the low price upgrades that I have made to my BCA AR-15. So far I have spent $20 on a Bushnell (Possibly fake) red dot sight, $10 for a 3" long 1" high riser for the dot sight, $5 for a two point sling and $7 for the BCM extractor spring upgrade kit. My next range report on this rifle will let you know if these minor "upgrades" are worth it. We will see how they hold up. While it was not budget priced, I did swap out the rear flip up NC Star iron sight for a Magpul MBUS model. The MBUS was $55 ($44 on Amazon) but I wanted an iron sight that would be a bit sleeker while in the locked down position. Nothing against the NC Star lower price model as it functioned just fine on two previous AR's.
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