The Jimenez J.A. 9. Did I actually just go and buy one of these?

Posted by travisp11
I bought the J.A. 9 for the sole purpose of seeing how well it performs, with no expectations on function or quality. I have owned a Lorcin LC 9 and a Hi Point .45, so I am no stranger to inexpensive pistols. I also own a J.A. 22, 22LR compact pistol that runs well and usually doesn't have any issues with bulk ammo until you get to the 125 or 150 round mark in one sitting. I scored a great deal on a blemished J.A. 9 for $125 and I will keep you posted to let you know how well it functions. Oh, and just for the record, I do own several other pistols and I'm not buying this as my only means of self defense so you don't need to remind me that "for a few bucks more, you could have purchased a...".
Posted July 21, 2016 - Filed in Firearm Review -Pistol - #Jimenez J.A. 9 
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