Unboxing the Versacarry single ply concealed carry belt

Posted by Alpha Koncepts
Thomas from Alpha Koncepts unboxes the Versacarry leather concealed carry belt and gives his initial opinions. Full review to follow in about a month.
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  • YoderTexas
    YoderTexas Before I even watch the video, I'm going to say that this is a piece of junk that shouldn't be on the market. Just going on Versacarry's track record.
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  • YoderTexas
    YoderTexas My intuition was right, at least as far as this being marketed as any kind of a gun belt. It is evident in the way the buckle end of the belt just flopped over that it is not rigid enough to qualify this as anything but a regular belt to hold your pants up.
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  • Alpha Koncepts
    Alpha Koncepts This was actually filmed in March. I am going to post the followup fairly soon I hope.
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