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AR15 Zero - Introduction to Sighting in a Rifle - Point of Aim on a target at a Specific Distance

Posted by Gwebs
Introduction to Zeros for rifles We look at the Zero for the AR15 rifle after having the rifle zero explained to us many times, I decided to simplify it to the way I picture it as many targets in a row all the way down range PDF of this presentation: Please feel free to use this in your class rooms if it will help with explaining rifle zero or point of aim Zero = Point of Aim the same as Point of Impact on target at a distance Popular AR15 Zeros: 25 yd 50 yd 100 yd 200 yd 300 meter We are honored to have been asked for this presentation on rifle zero for use in police & military classrooms as well as hunter safety and junior shooter education programs. Thank you for your interest in our presentation on AR15 rifle zeros ------------------------------------- Gun is the hub of all our projects. Keep up to date, join our newsletter ---------------------------------- Gun Channels in an online community for shooters, built by Gun Websites. Anyone can join. Talk about guns, Watch Firearms Content, Ask & Answer Gun Questions. Check it out ---------------------------------- Support our efforts online, check out our Firearm Playing Cards, Custom Patches & Stickers Our online store is Gear Websites --------------------------------- Check out all our projects on Patreon --------------------------------- We encourage you to Take a CCW Class Every Year, Practice Every Month, and Carry Every Day Thank you for watching Gun Websites !!
Posted May 10, 2018
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  • GeneralRelativityGC
    GeneralRelativityGC Wow. Thank you Gwebs. Great job with the graphics and explanation. I run a 50/225 yrd zero on my red dot, for +/-4in out to 300yrds. Personal preference.
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  • Gwebs
    Gwebs right on, i made this a few years ago after watching a zero video that assumed the viewer knew too much
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