Slow Motion Bullet Trace

Shooting a custom 6.5x47 Lapua at 600 yards, check out that trace!!! Also shot out to 1000 yards that day!!! The rifle has a Defiance Machine Rebel action, Vortex Optics Scope, Brux Barrel and performed beautifully! We used a Nikon Camera to capture the bullet trace while zoomed in on the steel target (camera ran into a few issues with the cold damp weather (34 Degrees F +/- and varied winds), battery life and function weren't perfect, but I look forward to using this set up more and more once it get a little warmer out!) Slow-mo of bullet trace immediately after regular speed footage! Thanks for watching! ‪#‎1shotkillitmediaLLC‬ YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:
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