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  • Live Show Update and Information

    Posted by SnowyNorthGunslinger March 29, 2018 593 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Hey guys I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of the YouTube channel and such. I have been without internet over the last week as I was switching to new internet. It was set up this morning so I am currently going through and updating my computer and all of that fun stuff and am working on videos again. The first of which I am going to try and get uploaded today. Next I am going to be setting up to do a live show to test to see how things go and from there I will be adding more shows onto a normal schedule. I am also going to be making normal upload schedule as well. Hopefully with doing so it will help me manage getting things done in a more normalized way.

    Next to all the people that have had me on their live chats, all the new subscribers, and everyone who has watched any videos. Thank you. You guys have been pushing me to work my ass off on this and try to make the best quality content that I can. You guys are amazing and are truly the reason I love this community. 

    Finally. I want to pose a question to everyone across Gun Channel's, YouTube and Instagram. What kinds of content would you like to see come from me? Is there any specific videos you want to see? Any questions you want answered? You guys tell me what you want to see and I will try my damndest to make it happen.

    Again thank you everyone for the continued support and I look forward to continuing this journey I have only just embarked on.