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  • Bayonets for Sale

    Posted by Gwebs May 21, 2018 - Category: Outdoors 436 views - 3 comments - 2 likes
    These bayonets are going up on eBay soon (as knives)

    Gun Channels members get first grabs

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    • Deadhorse
      Deadhorse are all these ak bayo's? whats the green one and the tanto one next to it? those almost look like a ka-bar handle?
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    • nightstryke
      nightstryke Gwebs message me I'm interested in an M7 and an M9 that you have up there. Already have the CETME bayo.
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    • Gwebs
      Gwebs @deadhorse these are mostly for the AR15 / M16 the other one is a CETME bayo according to NS
      May 22, 2018