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  • Posted by Gwebs, 0 comments, 0 likes, 317 views
    Published on Apr 13, 2018
    We spoke to so many amazing women at the Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show! Thank you to the wonderful ladies who shared their stories and a special shout out to those who allowed us to film them to share with others. It is in...  more

  • Posted by Gwebs, 1 comment, 0 likes, 418 views
    North Hollywood Shootout Bank Robbery Exhibit
    February 28, 1997

    Two robbers attempted to rob the Bank of America, this part of the museum is their story and has some of the...  more

  • Posted by Jon Z, 0 comments, 0 likes, 426 views
    Simple hangout on a quiet saturday
  • Posted by travisp11, 0 comments, 1 like, 598 views
    I have been watching prepper videos for years now and so many times what I am about to show is never packed in their bug out bags nor their bug out vehicle kits.

    The Greatest FFL Gun Dealer in the Great Plains!!
    SS Pawn
  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 2 likes, 781 views
    Of course we are talking about the GLOCK!!!
    We know Kotaboy32 doesn't own one yet, but We have a few laid out on the table today...
    the 3 Most Popular...  more

  • Posted by travisp11, 0 comments, 0 likes, 390 views
    We may be a small town but a proud tradition of ours is our annual Veteran's Day parade! Thank you, Veterans, for all that you do!!
  • Posted by Jimmy James, 1 comment, 1 like, 535 views
    Early Watch ALL ARE WELCOME. A place where FREEDOM & RIGHTS are the main topic, and UNITING AS A COMMUNITY is the main goal. Check out free membership, also feel free to visit ...  more
  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 513 views
    AR15 BUFFER FAILURE!!! Danger : Beware of Cheap Buffer Kits!!!

    To all my viewers: We care deeply about firearms safety on our channel, and with this being said, the sales of an inferior product deeply troubles us... This buffer "Kit" was purchased...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 435 views
    Got a package today from our friends at Holosun!!! We are very proud to represent a company like Holosun,an excellent company,with amazing products... Thanks for watching!!!

    Special thanks...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 2 likes, 499 views
    Shotguns to use for Home Defense!
    Bad Guys coming through your front door in the middle of the night? Whats the first thing you grab??? Is it your flashlight??? Or your trusty Shotgun??? This video discusses the options you have as an avarage citizen...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 400 views
    Taurus PT-738 TCP .380 ACP... EDC Pocket Pistol???
    A Review on a Great little EDC pistol, Small enough to carry comfortably,large enough to fire comfortably at the range... A Perfect combination of form and functionality...
    Thanks for watching!!!
    Please...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 432 views
    9mm VS. 40S&W VS. 45ACP!!! The Debate Continues...

    There has been a debate online over the superior caliber for self defense... 9mm,40S&W,or 45ACP... This video by 904Outdoors SHOULD end the debate... We provide some hard evidence to the superior round...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 419 views
    904Outdoors: Review on the SCCY CPX-2 9mm Compact pistol... EDC Perfection???

    Are you looking for a reliable,compact firearm for EDC???
    Dont hesitate when you see the SCCY...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 420 views
    904Outdoors: Kel-Tec PF9 9mm Pistol Review... EDC Perfection???

    With the popularity of George Zimmerman's Kel-tec PF9 recently selling for $250,000, We here at 904Outdoors decided to show the kind of weapon the person who paid 1/4 Million dollars got......  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 275 views
    2:Be Of Legal...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 229 views
    904Outdoors: Castillo De San Marcos. St.Augustine,FL... Lets Look at some CANNONS!!!
    We recently took a trip to St.Augustine,FL.
    We were looking for historic firearms and weapons...
    What better than in the Nations OLDEST...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 268 views
    904Outdoors: Mossberg 535 12ga. VS. Sega GameGear.
    28" Barrel 3.5" Magnum chamber.
    12 ga. pump action.
    3.5" Magnum 2oz Turkey...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 267 views
    904Outdoors: COLT Sporter A-1 AR-15 VS SONY Playstation 3!!! Is It BulletProof???
    904Outdoors performs a test... Lets see if an ar15 chambered in .223 rem. will shoot through a Sony Playstation 3 Game Console...
    Will it go through??? Ammo used is Federal...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 257 views
    904Outdoors: Taurus PT-709 Slim 9mm SubCompact Pistol (EDC Comfort)...
    Are you looking for a small,slim and comfortable 9mm pistol, but dont want to spend a TON of money... Consider the Taurus Pt-709 SLIM... 9mm Power in a subcompact frame...

    Please...  more

  • Posted by Outdoors904, 0 comments, 1 like, 253 views
    904Outdoors: Let Freedom Ring (904Outdoors Style) 4'th of July!
    Happy 240'th birthday America!!!
    Lets celebrate 904Outdoors style with a TON of...  more