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Gun-Free Zone: The Movie

Posted by DanO
Gun-Free Zone: The Movie

Intro - 0:01
Part 1 - 5:10
Part 2 - 18:35
Part 3 - 39:04
Part 4 - 50:35
Part 5 - 1:04:00
Part 6 - 1:15:00
Credits - 1:23:33

Written and directed by Greg Bishop
Filmed and edited by Greg Bishop
Audio recorded and edited by Greg Bishop
Narrated by Meghan Harmon

Featuring in order of appearance:
Tom Shafer
Richard Pearson
Valinda Rowe
Pat Quinn
Dick Durbin
Brittany Workman
John Milhiser
Brandon Phelps
Mary Shepard
Otis McDonald
Sam McCann
gun rights opponent 1
Michael Zalewski
Todd Vandermyde
Andre Thapedi
Neil Williamson
Toby Weisman
Mark Walsh
Dan Kotowski
gun rights opponent preacher 1
gun rights opponent preacher 2
Michael Pfleger
Mark Jacklin
TD Roe

01 A (Blue Lady) Matthew Schultz
03 3 C (Blue Lady) - credited: Matthew Schultz
11 K (Blue Lady) Matthew Schultz
13 L (Blue Lady) - credited: Matthew Shcultz
4 D (Blue Lady) Matthew Schultz
Drugs In It - credited: Atlantic Thrills
Lumien Jari Pitkanen
Pot Bellied March and Rumpus - credited: Ergo Phizmiz
Stormy Moods Orchestra - credited: Apache Tomcat
Stray Jack Halloween
Tourist Shooting Tar Balls Party People in a Can
Track 3 (Cloeca) Matthew Schultz
Track 4 (Cloeca) - credited: Matthew Schultz
Track 5 (Cloeca) - credited: Matthew Schultz

Other media through fair use and sources available upon request
Special thanks to Executive Produced A.R. James

This film was funded entirely by the filmmakers and private donations from individuals, and not by any state or national gun-rights group

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