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So i got all my 300 uppers in and i got forends with pic rails all the way around. So on these there are these other kinda rial on both sides, what are they for? see attached.

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  • Deadhorse
    Deadhorse pretty sure nothing, just continuing lines of the picatinny and they probably figured no need to mill it that far back and maybe for grip, the side there i cant tell but is that for a little snug screw to the barrel nut to add a extra lock up? Hera...  more
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  • Gwebs
    Gwebs Sling mounts? thats where some folks put a QD
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  • JelsmaRodCo
    JelsmaRodCo Thanks, i never used these before and got em cheap, whole upper built for about 180 i think, less bcg and ch. I think they are for sling mounts that i am looking through hera web site.
    April 21, 2018