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Well done Brownells, great customer service and support. I recently ordered a 200 round case of Hornady 140 gr 6.5 Creedmore ammunition. The shipment that arrived was the Hornady 147 gr. When I spoke with Browenells they immediately had the correct ammunition on the way to me (arrived today) and because of "ORD" regulations they could not take the wrong shipment back so the service rep offered it to me free of charge with their apoloy.

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  • Gwebs
    Gwebs wow
    Jun 13
  • Roosted films
    Roosted films Cant beat that
    Jun 13
  • Russ  Carr
    Russ Carr I feel so bad for you i hope you make it through the pain of having all that excess 6.5 . i mean the strain its going to put on your back when trying to lift all your free ammo is probably to much to bear .