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My first POA was dead center for 10 rounds. For the next 10 rounds I shifted my POA about 2 inches right and down, which let me hit the dead on. I circled the last 4 groups and marked my POA, which I purposely held my POA to the right so that my hits would use specific areas of the paper. Groups 3 and 4 grouped lower than the first 2 groups. This is where I must have altered the way I used the front sight post. It was not intentional. I think I began the day splitting the POA with the top edge of the post. On the last two groups, I think I held the POA on top of the post, as if there were an imaginary bead up there. I am not liking iron sights.

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DESCRIPTION : On my last trip to the range I was shooting my AR-15 for the first time, using open sights. I was shooting from 35 yards and having a hard time aligning my sights with my old eyes. I could not tell what was happening on paper because I couldn't see my hits until I walked down to the target. All of my groups were consistantly to the left of center, but the elevation kept changing. It was not until several days later that I realized it must have had to do with how I used my front sight post. Sometimes I think I set the top of the post under the point of aim; sometimes the the top of the post was even with my POA; and probably sometimes covering up my POA with the top of the post. I must work on that, keeping the same hold on target. Actually, I need magnification.