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Basic Information

Basic Information

  • Created By: Gwebs
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  • Last Updated: Aug 28, 2015
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  • Category: Firearm Media
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  • Description: A living list of all the live shows related to guns, and where to find them

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Live Gun Show Schedule

Live Gun Show Schedule


Live Gun Show Schedule's Overview
Schedule of LIVE Firearms Shows

Day Show Time Host Topic
Every Week Day Early Watch 9:30am EST Jimmy & Tony

Every Week Night Daily Gun Show Midnight EST Gwebs, Jimmy, Angelina Smeggie & Bob The BEST Gun Podcast ever recorded, EVERY night
Monday  Show Time (EST)   Topic
  MOA Monday 8pm CloverTac Random Q&A
  Guns & Geeks 9pm NeverEnuffAmmo SciFi, Geek, TV
  Locked & Loaded 8pm HVS  
  Monday Night Shootout 11pm The Outlaw Hatfield  
  Hangin with The Outlaw 6pm The Outlaw Hatfield  
  Andalusia Armory Temp Vacation Andalusia Armory  
  Tactical Tuesday 8pm Ghost Tactical CCW, Home Defense, 2nd Amendment 
  Hit-or-miss 9pm NightStryke & Smeggie Guns, Politics, and Debunking anti-gun stupid 
  BigGunner81 10pm BigGunner81  
  Ricks Life As I See It 7pm Rick Shooting & The Disabled 
  The Next Generation 8pm CloverTac Youth Shooting Sports
  Never Enuff Ammo 9pm NeverEnuffAmmo Guns & Politics 

Shooting Left of Center

Every Other Week

10pm The Yankee Marshal

 Yankee, Matt (NEA)

& Gwebs

  After Hours

11pm CloverTac  Firearm Internet Media Analysis
  Right Of The People 7pm Budget Guns & Gear  
  Jelsma OutDoors   9pm Jelsma  Fish Fur N Firearms 
  Firearm Friday 10pm CloverTac Random Topics With Panel
  Edge of the Week 11pm Edge 4006  
Saturday Caliber Corner 9am  TravisP11  
  Rick's Life As I See It!  3pm  Rick's Life As I See It!  
  Clearing The Chamber  8pm  Tar Dot357 & Gunpowder Beauty  
  This Week Unloaded 10pm  Rich White & Tar Dot357  
  Smeggie & Moon Show   Smeggie & Moon  
  Trigger Time  10:30am  NeverEnuffAmmo  
  Liberty Watch Radio  2pm Charles Heller  
  8:15 Jelsma Outdoors Spec Ops Sunday
  MidnigtRangeTM 10:30pm Food Travis  
  Van Chat 11:00pm Gun Show Loophole  

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